Stridhan-Fighting 406 IPC
Stridhan-Fighting 406 IPC

This E-BOOK will help the victims of false allegation of Stridhan misappropriation and stuck in  406 IPC and this will help you understand the depth of the provisions under section 406 IPC as per various courts of law along with the definitions which help you understand what Stridhan is? This E-book will make you understand the relation of section 406 IPC with the Stridhan. So my request to all my friends who are in trouble and don’t know the right approach to fight their 406 IPC charge can go through the content of the book and try to learn the technique for fighting the 406 IPC charge and can use this as per their own case and apply the mind how to use these techniques as per the case and remember that all the cases are different and should be fought according to your own case. First understand the allegations in your case than understand the techniques mentioned in this book and then plan a strategy under the guidance of experts.

This E-BOOK will solve following Queries:

Problem Solved
  1. What is Stridhan?
  2. What is Section 406 IPC?
  3. Ehat is Section 405 IPC?
  4. How 406 IPC section is related to Stridhan?
  5. How to fight Section 406 IPC?
  6. What evidence need to prove 406 IPC?
  7. How to get aquittal from charges of Stridhan & 406 IPC?
  8. How to quash Section 406 IPC?
  9. How to get discharge from Section 406 IPC?
  10. What are courts opinion of evidences relating to Section 406 IPC?
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