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Apaizers Mens Rights is a platform helping and supporting the victims of misuse of Family Laws matter in India. 

Helping Men to provide information through articles, and new letters for gaining knowledge to get them out of the Trap of Misuse of Family Laws which are actually formed by the legislature in the good faith to give protection to the women but turned into a face of legal Terrorism against Mens and their Innocent Families.

Our Counseling services help in providing the right direction in fighting the misuse of these laws which helps the clients to get out of the false cases in a shorter duration and fight their debt situation and false matrimonial litigations as per the legal way.

Our Paralegal services help in providing the formation of the case, finding loose points in the cases, and drafting the relevant case replies, complaints & RTI Followups with the different stakeholders, and Appeal Petition for District, High, and Supreme Court. 

As a layman, a common man has no experience in fighting these kinds of situations, how to handle police complaints and court proceedings, and who are the actual stakeholders to contact for resolving the queries. We act as a bridge of knowledge between clients and their different opinion givers/case handlers, which makes them more confident by acquiring knowledge about the case and law specifically. We prepare you with the tools and knowledge that one can use to argue with the stakeholders to present the client's point of view and story as per facts of the law.

Our experts are well equipped with practical knowledge and working experience in handling such situations and provide proper hand-handling in the proceedings of the case.

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