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"By far the best legal document drafting expert! I’ve been struggling with a false 498/406 and DV case from last 2 years and so far met 20+ Different lawyers from lower court to high court, but the major difference I see in Sahil is his intentions of making me out of this situation so that I can be a free man. Only a 30 min discussion with Sahil was an eye opener to me. Now I'm feeling more confident that such cases can also be defended and law can be moved from women-centric to men-centric. I have asked Sahil for a ‘bayan’ for my DV case which he, after analyzing 50+ documents, has made it in a lightning speed time of 24 hours. I would also say I was surprised that he didn’t forget to mention even a single nook of any statement that could be in my favor. I would highly recommend anyone for a free 30 min call that can give a new hopeful direction; without losing anything."

"Sahil is one of the best brains to help someone to fight these kinds of cases. His grasping power is awesome to understand your case quickly and provide a solution. Sahil knows very well which point he has to highlight in the draft so people like us get the clarity on our own case and get the best result in the court. His knowledge is admirable as he has a good grip on different IPCs and Cr.P.C from our law system. I worked with him on my 498a petition and feeling quite confident after working with him. I will recommend everyone to talk to Sahil once to get the best result from your case. Now he is my good friend too. Thanks Sahil."

"I got in connect with Sahil sir few months back to seek his guidance for 125 CrPC, DV, and 498A. I must say it's really helpful and Sahil sir had drafted a strong WS for me. It was under the sheer guidance of Sahil sir that I could tackle my mediation in a positive manner."

"I am very thankful to Apaizers Mens Rights in supporting and helping me in my case and saved my lakhs of rupees. Sir also motivates time to time, also advises how to maintain your health first which is NECESSARY in this critical condition. It's clear that no more people from our side help or motivate during this time of false cases. In this time, we require a good or best adviser. Really, Sir IS ALL IN ONE. I repeat that unnumbered thanks to Apaizers Men's Right for the best advice to false cases."

"I got my DV interim maintenance appeal prepared from Apaizers Mens Rights for the session court. It is so nicely drafted and prepared with relevant case reference due to which the session court dismissed the interim maintenance order passed by the lower court. Then in my DV case, the opposite party filed for execution petition for the arrears of the maintenance amount 1.2 lakhs, the objections drafted by Sahil Sir with the relevant facts and case reference got accepted by the court and the court dismissed the OP execution petition."

Fighting 498a- The Right Approach E-Book

Fighting 498a- The Right Approach: E-Book

This E-Book will help victims of the false 498a I.P.C. case to fight back and give them a ray of hope.

498a Fighting- The Right Approach, IPCSection498a, 498a IPC misuse, Misuse of section 498A
498a Fighting- The Right Approach, IPCSection498a, 498a IPC misuse, Misuse of section 498A

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Fighting 498a- The Right Approach: E-Book

498a I.P.C is the most misused section I.P.C in India. 498a I.P.C. misuse has increased to a great extent and even in lieu of this Hon’ble Supreme Court has named it as Legal Terrorism. You can understand the seriousness of this if a country’s Highest deciding Authority is named as the most misused section of laws then what more we can talk about. 

But still, after the crucial judgments by the Supreme Court of India like in Arnesh Kumar v/s State of Bihar the police authorities are not following the guidelines and they are still arresting innocent people and senior citizens without taking into account where we are leading our country’s youth and older people's safety. In order to overcome the misuse of the 498a I.P.C section this E-Book might help someone of us to save ourselves from the atrocities of the Police authorities. 

I am jotting down a few techniques to fight back in this E-Book that might help them save themselves and their family members from Legal Terrorism as named By the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

This e-book will help the victims of false 498a I.P.C and the thought to prepare it is to provide knowledge about the right approach to fight the 498a I.P.C case as most of Mens including their family members got implicated and they don’t know how to fight and they do mistakes and for that reason, the case takes a long time to finish and crucial years of life got wasted in the courts. 

So my request to all my friends who are in trouble and don’t know the right approach to fight their 498a I.P.C case go through the content of the book and try to learn the technique for fighting the 498a I.P.C case and can use this as per their own case.

Contents of E-Book

This e-book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter explains the definition and legal implications of 498a I.P.C as per the Indian Penal Code. 

This will help the reader understand the opinion of various courts and the supreme court regarding the implication of charge under section 498a I.P.C., it will help understand the grounds on which this section is attracted and a case is made out. 

It will help understand the ingredients of 498a I.P.C which attracts the offenses under section 498a I.P.C

The second Chapter will help understand the various stages in 498a I.P.C case from a complaint to the judgment of the case. It will help in using various techniques at each stage of the case to fight back and prove innocent. 

The third chapter is on the fundamental rights which should be known to protect from the atrocity of police authority on the undue arrest of the husbands and their family members.  

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