Know Your 498a Quash Grounds - 498a Quash after Chargesheet - 498a Quashing

Know Your 498a Quash Grounds - Get checked your 498a Quash Grounds for 498a quashing after FIR registration or after Chargesheet submission

Section 498A IPC can be quashed under the provisions of section 482 cr.p.c. this service for checking the grounds to Quash 498A will helps in understand the grounds for quash the case as per opinion of the various High courts and Hon'ble Supreme Court on the grounds for the quash of particular 498a case. This will help the victims of false 498a IPC to understand the grounds as definition and Explanation of Part (a) and (b)of the section in terms of Cruelty which help to define the ingredients & applicability of the Section. This will open the mind on quash of the case and put light when to quash the 498-A F.I.R, after Charge Sheet or after registration of FIR.  

Quashing your F.I.R is difficult but not impossible. There are some legal grounds on which F.I.R can be quashed. Complainant rope in your Family members like your parents, brother, unmarried, married sisters living in your house or living separately to blackmail you and harass you to yield to their terms and conditions. 

Get your FIR checked whether there is a chance to quash Full F.I.R or the names of your family can be removed and get the F.I.R quashed for them.

Benefits of applying for Quashing after Checking the grounds for quash & then Applying for quashing:

1. The Husband & Family members can be saved from long battle in the court when there are no grounds to convict the accused.

2. The Saving of mental harassment by attending mandatory courts dates.

3. It will bring the morale of the other party down and they might move for mutual settlement well within your terms & Conditions.

4. It will help in save money & time from applying the quash in the high court without any relevant grounds.

5. The quash decision can be useful in other cases like 125 crpc & DV.

6. It will help in providing the boost to other victims of false cases.

7. You can go for defamation and compensation cases for implicating you and your family members in false cases.

8. You will indirectly help the society to acknowledge the misuse of the provisions of law and in turn it will compel the courts & legislation to bring changes in the law.

(Price may vary case to case basis.)

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Note: The fees is for one case study only. 

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